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Another Day Painting In Paradise

Good morning from the Gulf of Mexico. It was raining when we arrived Saturday, but ever since the sun has been in total control.

Monday was a another good day for painting so I took my kit with me to the beach in the morning and attempted to paint a portrait of my wife lounging by the water. This was a very difficult painting for me considering I normally rely on other tools to help me draw correct proportions for human portraits, but I’m ok with how it turned out. My wife apparently liked it since she has already laid claim to the painting. It’s a little more impressionistic than I like to produce, but I’m not displeased.

Afterwards we took a two and a half mile walk along the beach to the southern most point of the island. I found a large dune that gave me a panoramic view. The resulting painting, which was a 5x7, was more realistic than the previous painting, but also wasn’t has idealistic. I consider these sketches though, so the color is what really matters.

One note about all of these 5x7s: I like to carry various size canvases on plein air trips, but in the end the ability to transport the finished product safely without adding a ton of weight is my paramount objective. Therefore I typically will bring four larger canvases that fit into my main sienna dry box, which will carry sizes up to 11x14, and then I’ll bring at least three handy porter boxes that hold 5x7s. They are extremely light and I can paint a 5x7 in under one hour. It’s a great way to produce a color study.

My last painting of the day came at sunset. Most of my paintings so far have been similarly toned, so I was bent on getting a sunset scene. These types of paintings are so difficult because of the radical and fast paced changes in the light at sunset. By the time the light was where I wanted it, two minutes later it was gone. Still not unhappy with this one though.

We’ll see what’s in store later today. Hope to get another or two in today.

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